Eight Auspicious Symbols Chinese Lotus Gilding Gold Bronze Incense Coil Incense Cone Burner Table Decor for Sale



Product Code: CH#0076
Sculpture Material: Zinc Alloy
Finish: Hand-Polished
Color: As shown
Dimension: W8.4cm * D8.4cm * H9.5cm
(W3.4″ * D3.4″ * H4″)
Suitable For: Outdoor or Indoor Use
Lead Time: About One Month
Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included
Placement: Meditation Room, Office, Living Room, Bookshelf, Study Room, Curio, Credenza, Shrine, Mantel, Patio, Foyer, Etc.


Please Note: Due to the unique characteristics of each statue, the nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• In ancient times, people would often burn the incense wood for deodorization. Therefore, the ancients always burn a furnace incense before they reading or playing arts, for cleaning their thoughts and making they concentrated.

• This awesome gilding incense burner for sale is feature in exquisite pattern workmanship. The body of the incense burner casted into lotus shape and the lid carved into eight auspicious symbols, and the lid knob carved into fire shape. Completely hand-forged by artisans in China. This incense burner should be started by placing incense coil or incense cone inside bowl (Incense is not included), burn it and placed the lid on the top and the smoke with rise through the hollowed-out lid. Small and easily-operating.

• This unique Chinese bronze incense burner vessels for sale like this beautifully exemplify the unparalleled metallurgy skills of ancient Chinese craftsmen, capturing the creative spirit of Chinese art dating back thousands of years.

• Enjoy the aroma of your favorite incense with this Dragon Incense Burner. It can be used as incense holder, display accent or decorative collectible. This unique piece will add style to your decor and creat Zen feeling when meditating or having a Buddhism ceremony.

• Unique Buddha table decor with religious blend.

Additional information

Dimensions 0.08 × 0.08 × 0.09 m


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