Conch Shell LiuLi Astamangala Buddhism Symbol Tibetan Buddhist Statue FengShui Decor



• Product Code: CH#101
• Sculpture Material: LiuLi
• Finish: Cast and Polished
• Color: As Shown
• Dimension: W7cm * D7cm * H19cm
(W3″ * D3″ * H8″)
• Suitable For: Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Lead Time: About One Month
• Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included
• Placement: Money Area, Meditation Room, Study Room, Living Room, Library, Front Door, Patio, Foyer, Mantel, Car, Etc.



Please Note: Due to the unique characteristics of each statue, the nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• Conch Shell symbol is one of the Astamangala Buddhism symbols. The Astamangala are the eight auspicious signs of Buddhahood which include the Lotus Blossom, Endless Knot, Wheel of Dharma, Victory Banner, Parasol, Twin Fish, Conch Shell, and Water Vase. They often adorn finely carved statues of Shakyamuni figurine and other Buddhas. The symbols are depicted in other kinds of FengShui art as well, such as the finely cast ornament shown above. According to legend, celestial beings gave the items depicted by the Astamangala to Shakyamuni in recognition of his victory.

• A conch shell spiraling to the right in a clockwise direction relates to the mighty conchshell horns of ancient heros, which were blown to proclaim valor and victory in battle. The shell symbolizes power, authority and sovereignty, and also represents the beautiful sound of the Dharma teachings, which awakens disciples from the deep slumber of ignorance and urges them to accomplish their own welfare and the welfare of others.

• There are many wonderful manufacturers out there that produce beautiful crystal products, but few can match the color, texture, and detail of Lalique crystal. Liu Li (crystal glass) is made at a extremely high temperature (over 1000 C), that’s why it has higher density and more beautiful color than regular glass. Lalique crystal is prized for its high quality and incredibly detailed designs. These pieces transcend the notion of ordinary glass and are elevated to a level of fine art.

• This Liu Li Buddhist statue which cast in amber blue mix color will bring amazing good fortune either protects you or brings you a type of good fortune. The Conch Shell statue presents traditional Tibetan motif and will decorate any, even most dainty altar.

• Antique Buddha table decor with religious blend.

Additional information

Dimensions 0.07 × 0.07 × 0.2 m
Colour Options

Colorful, Amber, Blue


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