Buddhist Meditation Yoga Zen Rosary Rudraksha Nephrite Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Red Agate Mellite Mala Necklace for Sale



• Product Code: CH#083
• Length: About 70cm(25 inches) long
Necklace Material, Count & Dimension(Approx):
• Gold Thread Rudraksha, 78 Beads, 9mm
• Mellite, 1 Tubby Bead, 6mm
• Lapis Lazuli, 4 Guru Beads, 2mm
Pendant Material & Count:
• Nephrite Jade Charm, 1 Pic, 39.5 * 23 * 3mm
• Sterling Sliver Beads, 2 Beads
• Red Agates, 2 Beads
• Lapis Lazuli, 1 Bead
• Lapis Tassel
• Color: As Shown
• Suitable For: Zen Meditation, Yoga Meditation, Pray, Ornament Accessories
• Lead Time: About One Month
• Shipping And Handling Fee: Not Included


Please Note: Some natural variation in bead size and shape, including rough edges and superficial markings, is natural and reflects the organic beauty of each individual item. The nature of our designs, weights, measurements and colors shown are approximate and are intended as a guide only.

• This beautiful Mala necklace for sale is made with 78 precious gold thead Rudraksha seeds (from the sacred Indian tree), strung together on elastic cord. Contains one Mellite tubby counter bead and additional Lapis Lazuli guru beads. String a Nephrite Jade, a Mellite torus bead, Sterling Silver big metal beads together with Lapid Lazuli and Red Agate beads, and blue Lapid tassel to form a delicate pendant. With its smooth texture and ivory color.

• Rudraksha Malas have been used for repetitive prayer, a common aid to worship in Hinduism and other faiths, from at least the 10th century as rosaries for meditation purposes and to sanctify the mind, body and soul. Each bead is used to count the repetition of a mantra or chant. Move through the beads one by one, breathing easily and repeating a mantra of your choosing. When you reach the large guru bead, simply reverse direction and start over. Another common in Buddhism, it represents the interconnectedness of life and Buddha’s infinite compassion.

• When worn on a mala, Rudrakshas were also said to ward off and shield against “negative energies”. Wearing Rudraksha Beads helps to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life caused by the impact of Planets. It also protects the wearer from several diseases because of its medicinal and healing properties.

• Malas are rosaries, designed for Buddhist meditation and best reserved for the sacred moments of reflection. Each mala is precious, and we recommend that you handle this Mala necklace with the same reverence you hold for your own spiritual journey. With proper care it should last you a long time.

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