Buddha Ksepana Mudra –

Expelling Negativity

What is Ksepana Mudra? In the Ksepana Mudra, two hands together in the gesture of “sprinkling” the nectar of immortality. Placing the index fingers flat against each other. The rest of the fingers are clasped and the finger pads are allowed to rest on the back of one’s hands. The practitioner can cross thumbs and place each in the hollow of the other thumb, mudra detoxification, removing stress. Focus on the fact that all negative, unnecessary waste and energy leave your body, your life and your mind and you are ready to continue serving the Universe.


Expelling Negativity

It is believed that as we live among various kinds of energies and receive negative as well as positive energies. This mudra helps drain and negative energy used and the inflow of fresh and positive energy as well as detoxification, removing stress. And that is precisely what the Ksepana Mudra does.

If you have a Buddha with the Ksepana Mudra, be very mindful about its placement, be it in a home or office. You do not want it to face the front door (which should have welcoming energy). By the same token, you do not want it in your bedroom or your child’s room.

So where is the best FengShui placement for a Buddha with the Ksepana Hand gesture?

It is highly recommended to consecrate a Karana Mudra Buddha in any Bagua area that needs strong clearing, or in a problematic area of the house (such as windows facing a low energy alley, for example), etc.